Friday, October 1, 2010

Inkjet printers waste horrendous amounts of ink.

This is just criminal. If you ever wondered why your inkjet printer is constantly crying out for ink refills... take a look at this.

There's a reason why companies can sell printers for 50 dollars. It's because they piss through the ink so fast they recoup all the money lost on the printer sale in a matter of months. All I can say is next time, I'm buying a laser printer.


  1. My inkjet has been sitting gathering dust on the floor for more than a year now because I refuse to buy ink refills. Fuck Epson and their stupid Intellidge chips.

    But in all the digging around I did trying to find out how to hack the stupid thing (protip: you can't, at least not without buying a chip resetter) I never found anything like that. Gatdam. Mad.

  2. Looks like I need to take this under consideration. I never knew about this, and really this is terrible, absolutely terrible. Thank you for posting this video, because I had no clue how much fucking ink is getting wasted D: That's so terrible. :c