Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alright this is friggin genius: Minecraft water ladder

I gotta try it, looks almost as fast as the boat elevator with no risk of drowning!

Pico de gallo

Also called salsa fresca, this condiment brings freshness and heat to tex-mex food.
It's 'similar' to the commercial salsa you buy at the supermarket, only it tastes less like preservatives and ass.
This stuff is also unbelievably easy to make. Seriously.

3 medium tomatoes
1/2 small onion
Some sort of hot pepper. obviously jalapenos are popular cause they're 'meatier' and not too hot. I used birds eye chilis cause thats what's in the garden.
4 or 5 sprigs of fresh cilantro (leave this out if you're one of the poor bastards with the gene that makes it taste like soap)
juice of one lime
More salt than you would think is necessary

Dice the tomatoes and onion. If you've got jalapenos dice them too. If you've got a tinier chili, chop them even smaller. Rip the cilantro leaves off of the sprigs and rock your knife across the leaves to chop them up a bit, then throw them in. Add more salt than you would deem necessary. Roll the lime to bust the juice capsules then shank it like an inmate and squeeze it in.

Achievement unlocked: You just made some pico de gallo.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Minecrafting some more

Got an amazing world spawned in minecraft... giant gatdam cave system full of lava and water - as a matter of fact i found the vast ocean draining into a huge vertical shaft right by my spawn. Couple of floating islands too. Watch this space for some screenshots. I am by no means an autist minecraft pro but this particular world is cool as hell.

Quick Non-authentic green curry

My way of doing thai curry is not strictly thai style - it's hybridized between Indian and Thai. I fried onions and curry paste in oil, then tossed the chicken chunks in that mixture. I also threw in a couple of finely diced habaneros (which caused my hands to burn for two days afterwards). After the chicken was partially cooked, I added a can of coconut milk and brought it to simmer. After that i threw in some zucchini and green peppers - couldn't find thai eggplant, not that THAT is a surprise at all.

Ate it w/ rice, cilantro, and freshly snipped bird's eye chilis. Next time I cook something interesting i'll get some pictures up.

Minecraft Autism - Dude builds a motherfucking PROCESSOR in minecraft.


Edit - The guy who did this apparently got a job offer because of it.

Germany will finally finish paying reparations for World War I on October 3, 2010

This weekend, Germany will pay the last sum of money they owe to the Allies for WWI. The last chunk of money is approximately 100 million US dollars. With giant numbers being swung around all the time in the media, the total amount of reparations might surprise you - only 40 billion US dollars. The reparation amount was set by the allies at the end of the war at the Treaty of Versailles, mainly to punish Germany for being dicks, and also to try to rebuild France and Belgium (whose infrastructure and land were heavily damaged).

As you may or may not remember, part of Hitler's platform was rejection of the Treaty of Versailles. Bitching about the ToV was instrumental in Hitler's garnering popular support for the Nazi party.

So Gratulation an Deutschland!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


This is my face when i saw this fuckin movie. Two bombs were not enough.

An open-ended question: Is there life on other planets in the universe?

I'm too damn lazy to make a poll. I don't give a damn. Think about this shit though:

Our current search for Earth-like planets should find a suitably Earth-like candidate by May 2011.
We already know of approximately 1200 exoplanets (planets that orbit other stars), and our methods for detecting low mass planets keep improving.

But do we even need Earth-like conditions for life to occur? What about places like Mars, Titan and Europa?
If you do think there is life out there, do you mean sentient life, complex organisms, or just simple microbe analogs?

Let me know what you think.

Minecraft, or "How I learned to stop worrying and love the creeper"

Alright, I gotta get this shit off my chest (presumably because minecraft shits on my chest).

I suck dick at minecraft. It's shameful. I never care about survival. i never prepare or make enough picks/shovels/etc. I forget to make armor pretty much every time. I run around at night like a boss. I jump over lava. I am shit at the game on purpose. Some people like to build amazing monuments to the lord of autism - I just want to get away with being a dick head as long as I can.

this is your god.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Alright let me tell you about these little fuckers here. A lot of people think that these are split peas.

WRONG. These are yellow lentils, lens culinaris. Lentils are a member of the pulse family of plants, and they are packed to the brim with dietary fibre and motherfuckin protein. They will make you a beast. Get a crock pot, put some onions and garlic in that bitch. Sweat that shit out on low with a little oil, then add some chopped chili pepper, cumin, and tumeric. Maybe a little fresh curry leaf if you feel like it. Then add equal volumes lentils and stock. I use chicken stock but you can use vegetable stock. I don't give a damn.
Put the lid on and simmer that shit, stirring occasionally.
Eat with some rice.

Did I mention that lentils are super inexpensive, healthier, and much tastier than RAMEN?


Yo I just got this idea a minute ago.

I wanna hear the best thing that happened to you this last week. It can be simple as hell like finding a $20 in a jacket pocket, or something crazy like reuniting with a lost relative. If it made your life more positive, post it here. Be inspirational and be cool.


Sit down. Listen to what Shaundre says.

Welcome everyone to my brand new shiny blog!

I'm new to this whole thing so bear with me. I'm gonna change the gatdamn world with this thing some day but first I gotta get some momentum. This is where you come in. Great things can be achieved when everyone works together.