Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick Non-authentic green curry

My way of doing thai curry is not strictly thai style - it's hybridized between Indian and Thai. I fried onions and curry paste in oil, then tossed the chicken chunks in that mixture. I also threw in a couple of finely diced habaneros (which caused my hands to burn for two days afterwards). After the chicken was partially cooked, I added a can of coconut milk and brought it to simmer. After that i threw in some zucchini and green peppers - couldn't find thai eggplant, not that THAT is a surprise at all.

Ate it w/ rice, cilantro, and freshly snipped bird's eye chilis. Next time I cook something interesting i'll get some pictures up.


  1. hey, i make Thai curry the same way... but i'll also add some peanut butter, mixed with water til it's a smooth, thick slurry... I find it really helps to thicken the final mixture, because i find traditional thai curry a little to soupy for my liking...

  2. interesting post mate, though I'm not a huge fan of thai curry - mostly 'cos I'm Irish and I'd shit sideways for a week.

  3. That sounds pretty amazing. I'll probably try something similar soon.

  4. never made any curry in my life, would love to be able to

  5. @beck its easy as hell.

    @crunky you can thicken it with corn starch if you like... alternatively just take the time to simmer it with the lid off. That will remove some of the water from your final product.