Saturday, October 9, 2010

Canadian Thanksgiving > American Thanksgiving.

Not that I'm hating on Americans or anything, but our version of thanksgiving is superior. The primary reason is timing. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, a full two months before Christmas. This leaves exactly enough time to a) not be tired of turkey anymore and b) Lose the weight incurred by gorging on thanksgiving dinner. Americans have Thanksgiving in November... hardly enough time to regain turkey lust OR lose the post-turkey day blubber.

I will admit that I'm touched (aroused?) by the heartwarming story of how pilgrims nearly starved to death and were subsequently saved by north american indians, only to be repaid with smallpox and genocide. Your thanksgiving STORY is better.

COOKING PRO TIP: Before cooking your bird, jam butter between the skin and the meat. Try to get it everywhere. You can use a compound butter too if you like. Also, when you baste it.. instead of using water, use some half-decent white wine. Gravy with wine in it is godtier.


  1. thanks for the post supportan yuh

  2. just another day for america to get fatter.

  3. Yum, white wine as a baste is GREAT. Totally planned that one for my hen. Mmmmm

  4. good job here!

    you just inspired more bubbles on "Enhanced by MS Paint"... check it out!

  5. All this time I had no idea Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving..

    All I remember was Boxer Day. As a kid, I thought Canadians would go out on the street and box with each other..