Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hunt's Ketchup pulls HFCS from their products!

While there are still detractors of the claim that HFCS = shit, some companies seem to be responding to consumer dissatisfaction.

Personally, I highly doubt that enough companies will make the same positive change that Hunt's has - the US corn industry is too mighty. If Pepsi turns "Throwback" into a permanent product... there might be some hope.


New Hunt's 100% Natural Ketchup Features Five Simple Ingredients

OMAHA, Neb., May 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Hunt's®, a ConAgra Foods brand, is pleased to announce that it has removed the high fructose corn syrup from every bottle of its ketchup products. Hunt's 100% Natural Ketchup brings forth the naturally rich tomato flavor of Hunt's tomatoes and contains only five simple ingredients: tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, salt and other seasonings, with no high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Hunt's 100% Natural Ketchup began rolling out to major markets nationwide in mid-April. Consumers should be able to find product on shelves everywhere by mid-May. Suggested retail pricing for the new Hunt's ketchup recipe is the same as the previous recipe. 



  1. This is a step in the good direction, but are the tomatoes genetically altered? If so, then it isn't 100% natural ketchup.

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  3. I doubt Pepsi will bring back "Throwback" permanently, which is a shame. Also, Hunt's may be using genetically modified beet sugar, but that is better than that HFCS shit. Apparently 50% of the sugar produced in the United States comes from genetically modified beets that the USDA has allowed to grow for the past 5 years. The good news is there have been recent court rulings overturning the practice of planting genetically modified sugar beets.

  4. I fucking love ketchup. I tried the HFCS free stuff and it tastes pretty much the same.