Monday, October 4, 2010

Inception soundtrack makes everything sound epic.

I don't give a damn if you've never seen the movie. This soundtrack will make the most mundane activity seem like the whole world is at stake.

You could be taking a piss, you could be checking your email, or microwaving a god damn burrito. To the Inception soundtrack, you are checking your email for reality altering viruses. you are taking a piss to save the world. That burrito is the one thing that stands between you and oblivion.

Incidentally if you haven't seen the movie... it is excellent.



  1. From what I remember one of the inception tracks consisted of a backwards song played slightly slower where as it give the theme to Inception. It was a very interesting situation to be honest.

  2. @_lycosa

    Correct, the inception 'theme' cue is inspired by a super slowed down version of edith piaf's "je ne regrette rien", the song they used to signal the wake-up.

    It is slowed down in order to represent the time compression in dreams.