Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fear is one hell of a motivator.

I saw this on a blog called The Derp Files and watching it pissed me off.

You know, the USA has abandoned its founding principles, but not by passing health care and stimulus packages; rather, by poisoning its political system with lobbyists and poisoning its electorate with media garbage like this. FFS half the former presidential candidates for the Republican party have jobs on FOX News. There's something wrong with that. Palin's still in the public eye despite being irrelevant and incompetent. You can bet that Christine O'Donnell (the tea party lady who is not a witch) will follow the Palin strategy and write a book or join FOX news and make millions.

America is waning in technological leadership, industrial leadership, and is in danger of a huge faith-based backslide in personal freedoms courtesy of a party which bandies the word "freedom" about like it's a thing you can buy from Billy Mays. George Washington would be sick.

Additionally, the Chinese ALSO spent money on stimulus, and they are currently UNDERGOING health care reform.

If you want some hyperbole, here you go.  If america falls, it's not gonna be because of health care. It's gonna be because of corporations selling out american jobs overseas coupled with endless tax breaks for corporations and the rich. It's gonna be because of repeated funding cuts to education, infrastructure, and science. It's gonna be because of deregulation of financial markets, turning the stock market back into a casino. It's gonna be because of global warming deniers, abstinence-only education, creationism, and tax-free churches.


  1. Passionate and amazing post! :)
    In my mind America has already fallen. The video kinda pissed me off but after remembering what I learned in chinese history classes I know that the Chinese empire falls pretty consistantly every 300 years for the past 2000 years or so due to essentially the same reasons each time (- the barbarians...kind of). Learn from history people! Sometimes it's good for government to fall before the country can progress again.

  2. I saw this on TV last night during the elections coverage, and I lol'd at first but then realized it was mostly true. All our manufacturing is dying out and we're becoming a country that depends wholly on the Chinese and others for loans and products. ;_;